How To Use Social Media to Drive Your Occupancy Rate Up






If you’re a Property Manager or Leasing Agent you are ALWAYS aware of your occupancy rate. I know this because I worked in property management for several years and most of what my duties came down to was filling those upcoming vacancies as fast as I could and keeping them filled as long as I could. During my time in the Apartment Management industry, there was one untapped resource, and that was social media! We used it but at the time it was usually just a task added on to whoever had a personal Facebook page and knew enough about the platform to post our vacancies. Oh my how things have changed! Now, I’ve made a career of managing social media for businesses. Moreover, many management companies are entrusting the experts to partner with them to be the voice of their communities. By now I hope everyone is aware that when utilized to its potential, Social Media can drive your occupancy rate up! Below I’ll share with you tips to make it happen!

Provide A Great First Impression

According to Digital Marketing Magazine, 3 out of 4 consumers consult social media before buying a product. How many people do you think to look at your social media before even making an appointment for a showing? There are loads of ways you can achieve this goal! Be professional! Use quality branded photos, maintain a friendly disposition in comments and be appropriate in the handling of negative reviews.

Build And Maintain A Relationship With Current Residents

One of the best ways to drive your occupancy rate up is to keep a connection with current residents. You can do this by providing them value. Post about events in your community, highlight why your neighborhood is a great place to live, post reminders of when the pool will be open or how to pay rent online. Another fun one is to post photos of events your community has hosted!

Engage With Prospective Residents

This is a fun one! Remember when I suggested posting photos of events your community has hosted. If there are photos of residents, it’s likely they’ll share those with their friends. This is almost better than them actually recommending your community to their friends, instead, they are showing them what a good time they have while living there. Another way to connect with prospective residents is by liking their tweets or direct tweeting to them on Twitter! Using this avenue you don’t even have to wait for prospective residents to come to you, you can go find them!

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