5 Questions to Ask When Hiring A Facebook Community Manager

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5 Questions to Ask When Hiring A Facebook Community Manager

1. How would you describe your personality?

There really is no right or wrong answer to this question, however, as a Facebook group owner will be drawn to some people and not to others. It’s important that you choose someone who’s personality jives well with your own as this person will be one of the management voices of your group. How they run the group will reflect upon you and your business. It’s essential you feel that this person has excellent communication skills. They’ll need to be professional but also a good listener. They need to enjoy people and have the ability to guide group communication positively.

2. How do you think you could connect with my community?

It’ll be important that your community manager feels connected with your mission and knows your audience. It is my opinion that when building relationships, people can spot fake enthusiasm a mile away! A community manager will be responsible for building rapport with your community and doing so will be much easier if they feel compelled by your mission and the community you serve.

3. What is your experience with social media?

It’s important that your community manager is savvy with social media. The target market utilizing Facebook groups is often hip to trends and changes in social media and it will be important that your CM knows these changes as quickly in those in the group. The person you hire should understand online marketing, social networking and the ability to understand how social media aligns with business goals.

4. What is your experience with Facebook Communities?

A person looking to manage Facebook communities should have had extensive experience as a member of various Facebook groups. I can’t express enough how helpful it is for them to have seen various management styles. I have gathered so many new techniques from seeing what has worked and not worked in the groups I have been in. I don’t think there is any other way to gain these skills than to immerse yourself in them.

5. Why drew you to want to be a Facebook Community Manager?

If I was hiring a Facebook Community Manager, it would be VERY important to me that the person I work with be aware of the amazing opportunity Facebook groups have to change people’s lives. I would hope that they had experienced a change in their own lives by which a Facebook group was the catalyst. In my own experience, while pregnant I became frustrated with standard western medical care and asked my Facebook friends if they knew of any resources for me on Midwives or Doulas. A friend I hadn’t spoken to in years introduced me to someone in my community who was aware of resources. In our connection, she shared with me a local Facebook holistic community I swear changed the whole course of my pregnancy, birth, and parenting since then. I am forever thankful for the connections I made because of that group. I eventually became a community manager of the group and still manage it to this day!

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